Wednesday, January 14, 2015

catalog herzensart for Little Tiger

First of all thank you for keeping up with the blog! I hope you had a lovely 2015 start! I enjoyed wonderful fireworks by the sea, accompanied by classic music. A pleasently relaxed, atmosheric end of a not so relaxed 2014 and beginning of  a new year.

Little Tiger is a German publisher I´m working together with. They make postcards and other nice stuff like posters, cups, magnets and so on (to find in my webshop) from my paper cut figures.
Now they brought out a special herzensart for Little Tiger brochure/catalog with all the designs I made for them so long.

The spring 2015 catalog ist out now too. Amongst others it shows new Janosch items and more new herzensart cards and a birthday calendar. Both catalogs are in German and primarily for shops. If you are a shop owner and interested in a copy, please let me know or contact Little Tiger (info(at) directly.

Thank you!

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Musenkind am Meer said...

Eine sehr kreative umfangreiche Kollektion. Du bist gro├čartig!