Monday, July 22, 2013

lovely heat

with windows closed and rooms shaded
{girl print by the wonderful Elsa Mora}

just finished another custom ordered viking. It´s been a while since I made the last one and being out of practice it felt like it took twice as long as usual.
Ana´s wonderful baby making friends with a viking I had made for her, some more pics here

in return she sent me some of her artwork I love so much. Thank you Ana!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


from this {5 designs made for Baenderei Kafka, Wuppertal, Germany}

to that {woven Jaquard Ribbons}

I´m so happy how they turned out. The ribbons are already in my shop , the bows will follow soon too

I thought I could be back much earlier, to blog more often again and especially say THANK YOU for your comments and emails on my last blog post. It took longer than I had wished, but let me tell you I was overwhelmed and very touched by every response. Sometimes life comes up with the most incredible "jokes", don´t you think and then it´s good to be reminded not being alone and to read that some of you have gone through challenging times as well and survived. Thank you!

It´s better to not promise daily updates from now on, but it should not take thaaaaat long any  more ;)
There is more new stuff I have to show you anyway :).

Love, Sandra