Monday, October 21, 2013

Medley of good things... - part 2

UPPERCASE is not only known for it´s great quaterly magazine for the creative and curious but also for it´s beautiful books.

The UPPERCASE directory of illustration
is the 3rd book in this series, published by Uppercase Publishing. Work/Life3 features 100 professional illustrators from around the world. I had the oppertunity to be one of those illustrators and I´m thrilled being in company of so many great artists and in this wonderful book.

With the third book in this series, we push the personal nature of Work/Life to a new level. This edition’s theme is “An Illustrated Life” in which we explore the illustrator’s lifestyle in intimate detail and find out what it takes to stay creative 24/7. Featuring 100 artists from around the world. Click here to see the list of participants.
Designed and written by Janine Vangool
Cover illustrated by Jeff Rogers


The book is available from the UPPERCASE shop


Kristina said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Wie toll!
Bewirbt man sich eigentlich für so etwas oder wird man da gefragt?

Viele Grüße


Sandra Monat said...

danke Kristina! Für dieses Buch gab es einen Illustratoren Aufruf per email.

Nadia MICHOT said...

Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

inge said...


inge said...


naa said...

Congrats Sandra! I only have the first book but I believe this one is also as beautiful!!

ibb said...

Congratulations Sandra!

Melissa Kojima said...

Wonderful! Congrats! Yes, I know they publish beautiful books. What an honor to be a part of this one! I hope it helps your career get bigger and better!

Anaïs Goldemberg said...

I just love the little stages with papercut characters. Lovely !