Thursday, September 27, 2012

new studio

Saturday we brought home all my studio stuff and distributed it all over the house. But meanwhile the most important
things are in place. Working from home again feels good and right. After all I had expected becoming a little sad, when
closing the old studio door for the last time and handing out the keys today. But surprisingly this didn´t happen.

Here´s a glimpse of my new studio, after the furniture was in place.

Thank you for your comforting comments on my last post. We buried Pieps under a rose bush in the garden, close to us.
Her daughter Moppel is still searching for her, which is hard to watch.
But she acutally recieves a lot of attention and care.


Elisa said...

Look at the light! Do you even have a balcony? Viel Liebe fuer Moppel!

valen-tonia said...

Dein altes Atelier war schon sehr schön. Jetzt zu Hause wirst Du einfach anders arbeiten können und es schaut vel heller und praktisch aus. Super auch mit dem Balkon.
Ganz liebe Grüße Martina

Barbara Prime said...

Your studio looks so bright and cheerful! But maybe ready for a few bits of fabric to make it messy?
We lost one of our cats over the summer while we were away, and I still miss her. She was the most cuddly of our cats, and so friendly with our neighbours. I wish I could find a little round cat statue to put in the garden, so her spirit could still greet everyone who walks by.

Meeling said...

So light & bright - love that for a workspace!

Sandra Monat said...

Elisa, thank you. Yes, I have a little balcony

Martina, das Licht ist wirklich viel wert und durch das Weniger an Platz musste ich mich auch neu "konzentrieren" und reduzieren, was gar nicht schlecht war :)

Barbara, thank you! I´m so sorry for your loss. Maybe you can make a little statue of your cat with pappmaché and a varnish to make it weatherproof?

Meeling, thank you! Most of my old furniture is stored in the garage. The white furniture probably looks a bit clean, but for a small space it´s perfect I think. And with the working mess comes color.

ibb said...

Lovely place. You have plenty of natural light! That´s really important. And all is simple and clear...perfect for fairy tails to become reality.
Enjoy the new home place.

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