Saturday, September 08, 2012


hello dear readers, are you still here? My blogging vacation took longer than my real vacation. Right now I´m in the middle
of moving mania. Packing, giving away furniture and rearranging our home.
The picture shows the first and only set up corner of my new home studio, the rest is still chaos.
But sometimes I´m already enjoying views like this from my new studio window.
Enjoy the weekend!


Tine said...

Hey Sandra,
es freut mich für Dich, daß Du den Sprung ins neue (häusliche ) Atelier geschafft hast - für meinen eigenen Arbeitsrhythmus ist das Atelier zuhause ja absolut super!
Viel Kraft und viel Spaß wünscht Tine

ps: ich freue mich schon auf neue Wikinger ;)

jfidz said...

What a fantastic sunset. Good luck with the move.

Meeling said...

Moving is always a lot of work!

What a glorious sunset though - enjoy!!

Kim Hayes said...

I was wondering about you.

Nice to hear from you again.

Happy weekend to you as well,

Melissa Kojima said...

Well, at least you got the most important thing done first----ART STUDIO set up!!!! Good luck with the rest of the move. What an amazing view you have.

studio13 said...

Hi Sandra, I missed you :). So you decidet to move your studio home. I can imagine how much work is waiting for you..But there is a bright side, you might find something (inspirational) that you tought was lost and realise that you only hide it from yourself ;).

ibb said...

Nice to hear from you...
Take it easy the move and so on...we will wait for some pictures from your long holidays!