Thursday, June 14, 2012

new stuff

a preview on Little Tiger´s autumn catalog 2012, with new herzensart items,
like a viking notebook, fridge magnets and some new postcards, in addition to the spring
launched viking and circus postcard series.

this week I managed to stuff some viking asses again ;)
3 in number (patting myself on my back)

But, one of them has smashed my door and I have a vague suspicion ...
(dear reader please kindly ignore the white hair jumping right into your eyes)

Giada, a blogger from Italy wrote a nice post about  my work. Grazie mille!

I like Rike´s new breakfast plates very much


Anonymous said...

I can't stop watching :)

Meeling said...

Lol! You are too funny Sandra. Loving his red beard! (I guess I'm a little partial to redheads though) ;-)

Great feature on the Italian site - it was good practice for my Italian reading which is quite rusty these days.

mona said...

Schön, dass du deine Kollektion für den Verlag ausbauen konntest!
Und der Herr mit rotem Bart ist wieder sehr gelungen!
Liebe Grüße von Mona und Aldur

Ludo braille said...

J'adore la 4éme photo, le créateur et son chef d'oeuvre !!!

naa said...

Everything is so lovely! I can't wait to see your magnets (not sure which one are the magnets from the magazine photos)... and the red-bearded vikings are really charming (hello dudes! :))

studio13 said...

You are so inspireing Sandra and I admire how productive you are. Everithing that come aut from your studio is charming :).
I have to stop working from home, must find myself a studio and must do something with my web page! Now we will see how long that will take ;)

Sandra Monat said...

thank you ladies!

Meeling, I could introduce him to you ;)

ibb said...

Lovely red haired guy!
Give him a big cute!

Elisa said...

Sandra, it's all so lovely!
Those Gluckspilz magnets :)
Happy weekend xxx

Anonymous said...

DEN Blick kenne ich....! Und ja, unsere Küchentür sieht auch so aus.

Herzlichst, Bele

for sweetsakes! said...

I love your workplace! I envy you your space...sigh. Pinned it! :)

Mandy said...

I am not a very creative person and I have recently been looking for some inspiration for a) Artistic activities I can do with my grandchildren and b) Ways I can add a proper artistic/creative section to my toy shop. My Grandchildren are at their happiest when creating things and I worry that this is being gradually lost in the mass-produced nature of todays society.


Mandy (

Les Bidules de Polux said...

Hey! I love your site, I just added your blog in my favorite links on my page <3

K.J. Mecklenfeld said...

Hi Sandra! Love all your work. Would like to buy one of the plush vikings. Will they be available soon?

Thank you,

Sandra Monat said...

Hi K.J., thank you! :) From time to time I´m making a new viking tribe. As soon as they are available I will send an email to a list of viking friends :). If you want me to add you to the list, please let me know. Thank you!

K.J. Mecklenfeld said...

Hi Sandra. Yes! Please do! Would love to have a whole tribe but will have to settle with just one. Please add me to your list. Greetings from The Netherlands :-)