Wednesday, June 27, 2012

where do you create?

after a while a longer post...

 let´s start this day with some distraction, let´s say with a short video of Zoé de las Cases great living and working space.
{Zoé has a nice collection of doll house kitchens and the mirror collection in the bathroom is pretty too}
It seems Zoé has created the "perfect" place for her living and working under the same roof.

Over the last years I have created in different places.
{2003} I lived in Cologne and my pre-herzensart studio was a small room at home, I used for my paintings

{2004/2005} I rented a tiny studio outside, just for some months, as I found out it didn´t work for me.
Therefore I moved everything back home and turned the large living room into my new studio
(a cheer for tolerant husbands)

{2005}still the same living room studio, but my art went into a new direction, after a sewing machine
 and Friederike! (the blue sheep) came into my life. It was the beginning of herzensart

{May 2008} we moved to the country side and again the living room became my new studio.

I really enjoyed the garden view and the kitties enjoyed my omnipresence.
But the space felt too small soon and working at home all day felt lonely very often.
So again, I looked for a studio outside and found it in a former factory.
By the beginning of 2009 I moved in and that´s where I´m still working.

What I´ve learned is, that having a studio outside has advantages and disadvantages.
These days I´m going back and forth, brainstorming about pros and cons, debating what´s the right place
for me right now and if I should move my studio back home again, or continue to pay a monthly rent.
I feel I have to find my answer soon and will keep you updated about my decision.

If you are an artist/designer/crafter I would be very interested in where you create.
Do you work from home or is your studio outside? Have you found your ideal place and why?
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

new stuff

a preview on Little Tiger´s autumn catalog 2012, with new herzensart items,
like a viking notebook, fridge magnets and some new postcards, in addition to the spring
launched viking and circus postcard series.

this week I managed to stuff some viking asses again ;)
3 in number (patting myself on my back)

But, one of them has smashed my door and I have a vague suspicion ...
(dear reader please kindly ignore the white hair jumping right into your eyes)

Giada, a blogger from Italy wrote a nice post about  my work. Grazie mille!

I like Rike´s new breakfast plates very much

Saturday, June 09, 2012

heute - schmidt

Friday I met 3 lovely ladies. Silke and Anja, the owners of heute-schmidt had invited Katrin, the head behind
lingonsmak and smakdesign and me into their studio for some screenprinting on fabric.

Katrin made such a cute sea pattern. Maybe you can guess who did the vikings...

Thank you ladies for this great day!

The beautiful screenprinted fabrics and items from heute-schmidt are available on
 dawanda and etsy

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


larger size here

have you seen this video already? It just made me cry because it´s so wonderful
(found via kaylovesvintage )

Friday, June 01, 2012

little Siren

actually I wanted to make the water spirit Loreley, but at some point I lost control and
a red head Siren showed up.

Have a good weekend!