Friday, March 30, 2012

random pics from this week

studio window

like this illu very much

it was really hard when this fungi popped up, after I had already drunk half of the coffee... yak, yak!
Should we get a studio fridge?


new website of Mieke Williams, nice nice

Happy weekend to you!


Meeling said...

Loving your studio window display!

Lidar said...

Bleaahh, hate to think about the fungus. However, i LOVE the fly and it makes me miss the bee that used to be in your banner :)

Sandra Monat said...

thank you Meeling and Lidar! Lidar, this fly was the "bee" I had in the banner for a while ;)

mimizuku said...

yeeees, i love the illu of the poster, too :) it´s quite cute.
and your coffee: hope you got another one ;)
xo julia

Lidar said...

Oh my gosh, he did look familiar :D dont know why i remembered yellow!

ibb said...

A little fridge would be a great idea!
The atelier window looks great!
Enjoy easter that is arriving...some days off work!