Sunday, February 19, 2012

weekend pleasures

hey there, hope you enjoy your weekend.

it´s T H E weekend of the year for this region at least for those with the carnival gene, which I´m obviously lacking

instead I took a trip to the rummage and adopted some nice pieces for almost nothing.
- 2 chairs, not sure from which decade, maybe fifties/sixties (?) anyway I like the shape of armrests
- a little etagere/cake stand
- a small mirror with velvet covered back and golden lace
- and a large pinboard with a strong wooden frame (a little corner of the board reflects in the mirror)

also in the mirror: todays easy peasy 10 minutes craft project:
a holder for earrings, made from wooden sticks, cord and wooden beads

love this Hula Hoop Rug  and makes me think of Annes great Rag Rug

nice articel about bastisRIKE in the current Living at home magazine


Kristin L said...

I really like your new items, especially the chairs, but I must admit that I wish there were a Carnival parade near me. I miss Fasching.

Frau Haselmayer said...

Such great finds!

ibb said...

Those chairs are beautiful!
I should have enjoyed carnival...but this year no spirit...

FeeMail said...

Das spiegelfoto gefällt mir sehr!!

Anonymous said...

Darum habe ich Dich nicht am Strassenrand gesehen... Schade, wir haetten auch ein paar Kamelle für Dich dabei gehabt!
Grüße mitten aus dem Trubel von Elke

FeeMail said...

Den neuen Captcha habe ich mir nicht ausgedacht, den hat Blogger eingeführt. Ich finde den auch grausam, aber man hat da leider keine Wahl!! Du hast den auch :)!

BarbaRove said...

hello from brazil!!! =)

piccikka said...

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