Monday, November 28, 2011

busy days

                                                       [pouch and tea cozy made by Ruth Deanovic]

 Hi there, I hope you spent a nice 1.Advent weekend.

My little expo at Kafka Baenderei was very cozy. It was not so crowded like last time
and there was more time for chatting with people.

Now the next event is already right around the corner. Super busy days ahead

I´m glad to read that the copying issue that happened to Mimi Kirchner found a resolution


for sweetsakes! said...

ooohhh I love those pouches!

We Blog Artists said...

SO have been busy!
Happy Monday.

valen-tonia said...

Die Beutel ..... wunderschön. Und die Zweige sind fantastisch geschmückt.
Viele Grüße Martina

Meeling said...

Glad your market went well! :-)

It's nice to be busy, but not so busy that you don't have time for a little visit here and that was nice to hear. :-)

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

So cute! Nice job Sandra : )

nicki said...

wie schöööön sandra!!! -hach- ich wollt ich könnt schauen kommen. dein weihnachtsschmuck ist sooooooooo allerliebst und alles sowiso...
viel spass beim markt von herzen