Sunday, June 26, 2011

impressions from the ROSENFEST

yesterday was cold, grey and it rained the whole day.
I thought not many would be leaving home on such a uncomfortable day for
visiting the weaving mill 

    [after setting up my little nook, freezing and a bit nervous; the coffee machine in my neck -> good place]

But they came, many many people dropped in wanting to see the weaving looms in action, the beautiful Kafka
ribbons, the exhibited handmade items and the newest Little Britain ribbons.

I was so happy to meet Elisa and Paul
and Martina and so many other nice visitors and exhibitors.

     [a big Britain fan... ]

There was a big hello for my ribbons, some already had heard of in the Kafka newsletter, or seen it on my blog,
but when the first spools sold out, I was really blown away.

Many thanks to Christine Niehage and her team for a wonderful day in a cozy atmosphere (besides despite :) the weather).
Thank you Michael for all the ribbon cutting and help.

The Grenadier, London Bus and Telephone Cell ribbons will soon be available in my webshop,
so please stay tuned.


swig said...

Ein wunderschöner, sehr verführerischer Stand!

mimi k said...

The ribbons (and all your other goodies) look fantastic on you display!

Lunacy said...

Freut mich, dass dein Stand ein Erfolg war. Die Nadelkissen sehen klasse aus.
LG und noch einen schönen Sonntagabend,

nicki said...

saggstark sandra!!! ;0) sieht sooo toll aus und schön, dass so viele besucher da waren.

Lydia Grebe said...

So many adorable items. . .I want them all! Will any be available through your on-line shop?

Demoiselle Libellule said...

Dein Stand sah wundervoll aus! So viele schöne besondere Sachen!

Liebe Grüße


studio meyer said...

die nadelkissen mit passenden stecknadeln sind der hammer. sehr schöner stand und freut mich, dass so viele besucher da waren!!

Larissa said...

Wow, congratulations on a successful show, despite the weather! Your booth looked delightful!

Meeling said...

Glad it went well despite the weather...looks like you had a nice little set up.

Very cute pincushions!!!

valentonia said...

Hab schon ein bißchen Band von dir vernäht und gepostet.
Lieber Gruß Martina

Jane said...

I'm so glad your day went well. Loving the ribbons, any plans for viking ribbons in the future?

alarm control panel said...

Everything seems to be well, you stepping on the right track.