Sunday, May 29, 2011

the come back of the dream guardians

back in 2006, during a "white period" I began making dream guardians,
These wallsculptures were sewn from white acrylic felt, not my favorite material to work with at all,
but I couldn´t find a pure white wool felt, so it was kind of a compromise using the acrylic.
In the end it´s been this compromise that stopped me making them.
But I always knew the dream guardians would come back and I only had to find the right material.

About one year ago the idea came up to make porcelain guardians.
It seemed to be the perfect material to me for these white creatures and I was very thrilled by this
thought (always love to try out new materials).

A long way with several attempts in making models from plasticine {1} and clay {2} followed,
the search for somebody to help me with the porcelain casting, the firing etc.
I was very lucky when a ceramist from Berlin responded to my request I had posted in a pottery bulletin board.

She wanted to try making a casting mold directly from the felt figure {3}, which turned out not that easy
and of course the felt figure didn´t survive this process {4,5}

All in all it´s been a time-intensive and complex process with much learnings. But to make a long story short,
it all turned out very well in the end and today I find myself happily doing first steps in painting

porcelain dream guardians

Many thanks to Uta Koloczek, who made this happen!

There are still some obstacles and problems to solve before the start of a small series,
but we keep on working on it

Check out Uta´s beautiful porcelain work


elisa said...

Always loved your dream guardians.

The porcelain is perfect for them.
Good that you never gave up your queeste.
Please put my name on your pre-order list!

Have a nice day.

Bego said...

you're right! i think you have found the right material, porcelain does suit them indeed. excellent choice.
what a nice and exciting adventure this must have been!

Cyriaque_L said...

That's absolutly beautiful ! I really like them ! And I really appreciate porcelain. I appreciate to discover as well how you work and that you never give up a project !
If you visit my blog, there is something you should appreciate...I saw the little giant yesterday !

Belle said...

These are just wonderful!

Lunacy said...

Wow, Sandra,
die Figuren sehen so schön aus. Großartig sind die geworden. Da muss man aber wohl ein richtig ruhiges Händchen für haben, wenn man die anmalt. Korrigieren kann man da ja sicher so schnell nichts.

JUIME said...


I. Maia said...

They are simply beautiful!...

Sandra Monat said...

Good morning, it´s obviously not possible in blogger to respond to every single comment, right?
Therefore a big thank you to all of you! Your kind words are so encouraging to go on with this project. It´s many steps until one dreamguardian is done and there are still problems with the glaze. On the picture you can see a glossy glazed version and a matt unglazed guardian. I´d love to hear from you which one you like more. Thank you!

ibb said...

I love them...and I know how difficult is to bring that kind of project to live, in porcelain or ceramic...but really love the first impression...the white, the fine lines...lovely

Nadja said...

Tolles Material, schön, dass Du einen Weg gefunen hast!

bambi kann beißen said...

love! und auch die arbeiten von uta koloczek! sehr erfrischend!

rahel said...

Die sehen toll aus und das Porzellan gibt ihnen wirklich etwas traumhaftes! Ich mag es, dass sie so schlicht sind. Hihi- meine kleine Tochter wuerde sich sicher goettlich amuesieren ab dem Penis :o)

elisa said...

Matt and glossy are both really great. The matt looks somewhat more contemporary to me. But if I had the choice I'll buy and admire the glossy one. Imagine it hanging on the wall in the light of a candle :)

Jenny Stevning said...

Wow! So lovely!
I noticed you comment. I'm not usually one for high gloss but I LOVE it on the dream guardians!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

ah, they look beautiful Sandra! I have to admit your dream guardians are one of my faves. A great idea, pleased for you!

studio meyer said...

wundershön. mir gefällt auch das glossy am besten. sehr schön auch die zarte bemalung. lange arbeit, gutes resultat!

paminabox said...

I'm absolutely in love with these. I'm excited to know when they go up and for how much. I'll have to start saving now!

for sweetsakes! said...

you are so creative! i love your work!

Sonya Philip said...

Oh, these take my breath away! I love it when an idea can be revisited. It looks like your found the PERFECT medium. So beautiful.

Kristin L said...

They are beautiful in porcelain -- maybe even better than in felt -- the smoothness makes them seem more serene.