Tuesday, April 19, 2011

machines I love

The Puppet Vending Machine (via Nicole Kellmann)

Postcard Machine by Michelle Ott

a seedbomb vending machine

Common Studios: Green Aid from ISHOTHIM on Vimeo.

a small version of a seed bomb machine (by Ahoimeise) (just remembering that my brother has an old,
unused chewing gum machine in his kitchen...) 

or this veding machine selling handmade crafts

If you know other great vending machines, I´d be happy to hear


Debra Cooper said...

What amazing minds people have. Great post, I'm love visiting your blog and am just tickled to death when finding such fun, unique and interesting posts. Certainly gets the creative juices flowing. Just love it. Thank you for broadening my world.

Sandra Monat said...

thank you Debra, happy you like the machines as much as I do :)

UpGemini said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I've just discovered a brand new universe! thank you for sharing!!! :D

Virginia H said...

Wonderful idea, lovely people. Almost makes my heart melt. just read about the unikat automat in munich http://www.unikatautomat.com/index.php?page=automat&PHPSESSID=7f6079271a29aa971bc2809a29665f36
offering goods from small design companies. cards, crocheted goods, jewellery, etc. love this idea, too.