Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a camel is a horse

hurray, the postwoman brought me a gift today

This cool T-shirt is from  beshart  , a visual communication studio in Belgium.

"These shirts are not for sale, they are our gift to people who have inspired us in 2010."
That´s what I read on their website. Oh, wow!

Thank you so much Inge, Serge, Bob and Tom!

 beshart website & blog   (check out, I read you can win a T-shirt)


We Blog Artists said...

What a lovely idea!
You are incredibly inspiring though!!!

Britten said...

Das ist ziemlich cool. Und rot steht dir gut! Und unten auf dem Foto hab ich noch "Georgia O´Keeffe" entdeckt... Was hast du denn mit der vor? :-)

nicki said...

cool sandra. da würd ich mich auch wie ein kamel freuen...hihihi...

Susan said...

You ARE inspiring. So glad to see you have been awarded a camel to affirm it! :-)

tom said...

Glad you like it Sandra.
Thanks for the nice pics.
the beshart team

Meeling said...

How fun!
You are so deserving of it. :-)

herzensart said...

@all: thank you :)

@Britten: mit der Georgia habe ich nichts vor, sie lehnt da nur so dekorativ rum :)

ibb said...

Lovely idea....and congratulations.

inge said...

joehoew, our shirt has arrived! very nice pictures and thanks for sharing!