Wednesday, August 25, 2010

we have 5 winners......

.....of our anniversary ruffle
The 5 numbers were generared automatically by using and stand for the comment number.
42 for 42nd comment, 33 for 33rd comment and so on.

42 = moetjatja, 33 = Wikkie, 3 = Fee,  34 = Donanana, 18 = Kristin L.

Congratulations to you! Please send me your addresses where you want me to ship your card-stamp-set.
Other than stated yesterday, of course you can choose the stamp you like most, from the 5 available stamps. 
Please let me know.

Thank you all for playing!

Wild Bill in Danish magazine Vi for├Žldre


nicki said...

die gl├╝cklichen!!! ;0)
lieber gruss

moetjatja said...

whihaa lucky me!

Kristin L said...

Ich bin auch ein Gluckspilz!!!!! Yippee :-)

WIKKIE said...

Joehoe! Very happy! Very good news on almost the last day of my holiday:-)
Best regards, Wikkie

Cyriaque_L said...

Congralutations ! That's great !

moetjatja said...

i received the package today, thank you so much!