Tuesday, August 31, 2010

murder ballads

Nick Cave & PJ Harvey - Henry Lee
[from the Murder Ballads album; Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds]

I could watch the two over and over again

video in color

Sunday, August 29, 2010

hurray a gift!

I found this sweet silver viking head in the mail. Lucky me!
It´s a collaboration of a girl named Tanja Pick who made the design and a jeweller called Ela.
This is Tanja´s email tanja.pick(at)gmx.de.....just in case....

Thank you very much, Tanja!

I like boots, especially these. But I´m a bit late.
The left ones are from 1942-1945 (German felt boots), while the right ones are
Russian snow shoes from 1918-1919
(pic from book: Uniformen und Ruestungen, Reimo Verlag)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

we have 5 winners......

.....of our anniversary ruffle
The 5 numbers were generared automatically by using random.org. and stand for the comment number.
42 for 42nd comment, 33 for 33rd comment and so on.

42 = moetjatja, 33 = Wikkie, 3 = Fee,  34 = Donanana, 18 = Kristin L.

Congratulations to you! Please send me your addresses where you want me to ship your card-stamp-set.
Other than stated yesterday, of course you can choose the stamp you like most, from the 5 available stamps. 
Please let me know.

Thank you all for playing!

Wild Bill in Danish magazine Vi forældre

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one day left....

oh so many lovely comments and feedback to the new shop we recieved in the past days.
Thanks a bunch!

The shop works as we can see from orders coming in :) Thank you!

Tomorrow we will announce the 5 winners of our anniversary ruffle to whom we will
send a "little Britain" package, each containing a grenadier stamp and a set of cards.

Stay tuned

Saturday, August 21, 2010

herzensart turns 5

 a little anniversary video

I almost can´t believe it´s already 5 years back, when Friederike! found her way to me
and I got hold of a sewing machine. This brought me to changing brushes and canvas into scissors and needles.
So many good things happened since then and I´m VERY grateful for all the encouring support I recieved
throughout the past years, that allowed me to keep on doing what I love so much.

Today I´d like to say THANK YOU! to each and everybody who left some kind words here on this blog,
sent me an email or supported my tiny business in any other way!

The last weeks have been very busy. We reworked my website a bit and I recieved a wonderful gift from my husband 
to my anniversary. He spent every minute of his spare time in implementing a new shop system.
We just pressed the life button, so it´s brand new. Please take a look around.
You will find the latest herzensart additions, like Britain greeting cards and also the viking cards are back again,
a Grenadier rubber stamp and the little punk stamp are now part of the herzensart range too

Also new is, that I´m offering some of my designs "made-to-order, such as vikings, cowboys and co. 
They can be found here.

For the next 5 days (starting today, ending on Wednesday 25th August), we give 15%  anniversary discount  
on plates, rubber stamps and cards.

We hope you like what you see and find the shop easy to handle and navigate and we would be very grateful 
if you´d leave your feedback in the comment field below. This will help us to improve usability.

We also have something to give away! By commenting you have the chance to win one of five 
give-away-sets, containing a herzensart rubber-stamp  of your choice plus a set of Britain greeting cards.

Good luck!

Friederike and I are celebrating with a glass of champange now. Skol!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

stamping paper banderols

still busy with some preparations.... which are fun

There´s an interview (in German) with me on lifeisbunt

besides a litte give-away....

Monday, August 16, 2010


this week there will be at least 2 good reasons to celebrate a bit.
Friederike! and I are busy with some preparations. Stay tuned

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday again

I thought you would not mind showing you another corner of the studio ;)

I´d love to see a corner of your workspace.....

Weekend is almost calling... enjoy!

Strange Science and it´s Goof Gallery might inspire you

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Every morning upon awakening, I experience a supreme pleasure:
that of being Salvador Dalí, and I ask myself, wonderstruck,
what prodigious thing will he do today, this Salvador Dalí.
[Salvador Dali, 1904-1989]

Monday, August 09, 2010


if you life in Münster you can find some of my things in this cute shop,
called prettypower

It carries a nice selection of lovely items

+ they also have an online shop

+ a little garden in the back.... dreamy, right?

Friday, August 06, 2010

unconventional screen printing - an attempt

I found a video tutorial on youtube for some unconventional screenprinting,
which doesn´t need so much material as doing it the conventional way
(screenprinters better look away)

Instead of an embroidery hoop I made a screen by using a wooden frame and
a piece of polyester fabric I already had, with the help of this tutorial
(it´s in German, but I think you get an idea from the pics how it works)

I could not find the bespoken "Mod podge" in my art supply store,
so I took some other podge from decopatch, which worked as well.

Besides the podge I had to buy: a squeegee and screenprinting color.
I choosed a dark brown from Decaprint

the first results are not perfect and the fabric I used was too wide meshed as shows the pic above
(although I even like the screen effect), but I think for smaller images
it could work as a nice and cheap way to screenprint.

Will keep on trying...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

she was a real fast runner ....

they are tiny + like berries too + could give some extra crunch to your muesli if you´re not careful ;)

Thank you Mayi Carles for hearting our vikings