Tuesday, June 15, 2010

lost patterns

family visit: the patterns are from inside my grandma´s house.
I took some pics of every room before I closed the door behind
me for the very last time.
The house has found a new owner.

Thank you for all your reading recommendations in the last post!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh...such richness in those fabrics...it's sad to know you won't visit there again...but I'm sure many hours have been spent remembering treasured moments.
I just finished reading a thousand stunning Suns by Khaled Hosseini...wonderful book...same auther of the Kite Runner.

Have a great trip...bon voyage.


Ruth P. said...

It looks like my mother's house in Germany in a way.
And I loved the Stieg Larsson 'girl with the dragon tatoo' series.

FeeMail said...

Das ist sicher traurig für dich! Ähnlich geht es mir im Moment auch.... Nur dass der Besuch mir noch bevorsteht!

Die Kissen oben sind super! Die hättest du mitnehmen sollen!

greet said...

You are strong to be able to leave this all behind...
I would have taken a pillow with me, to stick my nose in once in a while...

I lost my granny as a child and would give anything to see and smell some of her fabrics and things that I surely knew well as a child but did fade away in my memory. Very seldom I get access to these memories by a specific smell or a very similar image that recalls forgotten memories...

have a very nice vacation!

Have a

Anonymous said...

Soviel Abschied...
Ich hoffe, Du schaffst es, Dich zu erholen.

Herzlichst, Elke

monkeemoomoo said...

This must of been a very hard day for you. I know this feeling. Grandmothers homes and things stay very close to your heart.

I am hoping to see my nana's old farmhouse in a couple of weeks. It was sold many years ago and I know it has been renovated.

I wonder how I will feel when I am there.

ibb said...

I did the same, last time I was there. They were going to make works...so i took photos of every single detail.
Enjoy the other days.