Tuesday, June 01, 2010

design your own fabric

has gone life today

Like Spoonflower in the USA this German company prints your own fabric designs.

That´s pretty cool, don´t you think?

I was one of the happy testers of the site and got my samples already. They are amazing!

You can actually choose from 4 fabric types: cotton [left fabric], cotton satin, jersey [right fabric]

and my favorite upholstery fabric [pic below]

Colors and fabrics are Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified.

You can upload your own designs and also choose from some already available patterns

Here´s a great tutorial how to make your own patterns

Currently 3 of my designs [horses, horses with pink heart and garland]
are available too and I think there will be more soon.



Jennifer said...

I must have that double decker bus fabric! And I would love to see the vikings and ships on fabric for sale. I looked at the fabrics you have on that site but I didn't see how to order it. I was looking for when you do have the bus one for sale:)

Thanks for the information you gave me about eh postcards!

herzensart said...

Jennifer thank you!
Here you can see all currently available patterns http://www.stoffn.de/motiv-suche.html
By clicking on a design, you find all design and fabric options for a pattern in the left menue and there´s also the order button.
The bus design I have not made available for now.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

How cool...I love this idea.
Thanks for sharing.
Your horses with the heart is so adorable.

Cyriaque_L said...

That's a great great idea ! I like it so much !

Kristin L said...

Your illustrations translate so well into fabric. I'm so happy for you that Germany has it's own version of Spoonflower (it was only a matter of time). Great work.

ana said...

that's a great tip. thank you so much.

And the quality of the prints looks amazing

ibb said...

Would love to try something this way!

soisses said...

great job! deine entwürfe gefallen mir sehr gut.

ich finde deinen ganzen blog sehr schön und komme wieder... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sandra, lieben Dank für Dein schönes Kompliment und die Motivation zu unserem LIEBENSWERT - Wohnen in Frankfurt Rhein-Main Buchprojekt. Darüber freuen wir uns sehr.
Und ich danke Dir für den Link zu stoffn.de. Da werd vielleicht doch noch meinen nicoletter Gingko auf Textilie bekommen. :)

Nadja said...

schöne Entwürfe!!!
lieben Gruss con smil :-)

Marybeth said...

looove the lil buses! adorable!


Püppilottchen said...

Sehr cool! Das freut mich sehr, dass wir diese Möglichkeit jetzt auch in Deutschland haben! Dein Bus gefällt mir auch am besten, aber auch die anderen sind wirklich klasse!

LG, Nicola