Wednesday, May 19, 2010


the three vikings, Olaf, Torkel and Roerik, as well as Cowboy Sam Bass and 2 of the 3 Drakkar pillows I had put in the shop yesterday, have found new homes over night

THANK YOU so much, you are great!


or to say it with the vikings - usually not famous for their polite forms


ibb said...

I know why they are so quickly addopted. Lovely guys.

greet said...

Aaaah, just this 1 day I did NOT check your blog, these marvelous guys were showing up... too late for me.
Whishing the adopters a hell of afine a time with them!

Wrennette said...

Sandra...I am very happy that your fierce Vikings and friends have been adopted....many Congratulations to you must get busy and make MORE. Who do you have to talk to when you go to your studio in the morning? It would be too quiet. You need some, 'Grrrr's' and 'Stick 'm ups' to keep you company. How was the
show you went to last weekend?
Northern California is gorgeous this Spring. smile

Anaïs said...

That's awesome !!!

Anonymous said...

Your creations are great. I think: "we are what we do". So... You are great. Congratulations from Argentina!

Antje Herden said...

Die sind einfach toll. Meine kleine WikingerBraut ist leider schon zu alt für sie, ;-)

I. Maia said...

Oh!... I missed this opportunity. I hope soon there are more Vikings available.