Monday, April 26, 2010

casting metal

I attended a workshop in casting metal this weekend
Boy, I had no idea how complex and time consuming this technique is

These are some experiments with rubber stamp imprints

Also tried the little clay viking. First he was buried in molding sand,
which has to be pressed or pushed very hard (with the wooden tool to the left)
and afterwards he was grubed out half again (felt like an archeologist)

Little viking had to be unarmed for this procedure. Being "naked" he didn´t
perform very well while fighting against the wooden pestle and
one of his horns broke off

The 2 parts of the mold top and bottom

The mold cavity was filled with molten metal

The result was more of a roadkilled bug. Maybe because the metal cooled down too quick
before reaching all edges and niches of the mold

Unfortunately you only have one attempt, the mold is lost afterwards and
you have to start all over again

Anyway these are my little trophies I took home

I had a great time and working with new techniques and materials
is always exciting and fun and last but not least I met new, interesting people

Some more pics here

Natalia from le Petit Pot wrote a nice post about one of her birthday presents


Ulla V. said...

I'm always exited to read your blog, because you come up with the most amazing ideas and results.

This metal casting workshop looks really interesting...I like seing the process in a piece of work.

Have a lovely Monday. :)

elisa said...

Don't you just love the white hot liquid metal. I did some bronze work in the past and just loved the alchemist feel of it.
Love xxx

Cyriaque_L said...

That's so great to discover new techniques ! And so great you did have a great time ! I try to improve my work with new techniques learning. The last time was to discover how to dye mohair with natural dyes ! A Great time ! So I understand what you mean when you say you are happy !

Kristin L said...

Fascinating. Too bad teh viking turned into a squashed bug, but at least you enjoyed teh proces and learned new things. :-)

Wrennette said...

Sandra, thankyou so much for sharing all of your pictures so that we can see 'the process'. I loved it all. I was so hoping for the Fierce Viking to come out well. But that's'll come up with something. I also enjoyed seeing the British Guard, Geoffrey, in his new home. I am sooooooo jealous. My birthday is in August, perhaps, I should begin to HINT now. Enjoy, your Spring weather and a new week.

Nadja said...

Uh, das sieht aber SEHR interessant aus!!! Vielen Dank für die vielen Bilder!
Und schade, dass die Form nur einmal benutzbar ist, das wusste ich noch garnicht.
Ich hab Anfang des Jahres mit Latexgussformen herumexperimentiert und die kann man zum Glück immer wieder benutzen (aber die Ergebnisse waren auch noch nicht befriedigend)

Anonymous said...

Das ist ja wirklich mal was ganz anderes! Ein wenig trauere ich aber dem kleinen Wikinger hinterher, der seinen Ausflug ins heiße Leben so schlecht überstand. Danke für den Einblick!

Gruß, Elke