Monday, March 22, 2010

no title on Mondays ;)

staring at all the cracks he found himself surrounded by,
he suddenly realized security was an illusion...

These quirky fellows are made by a flickr friend of mine, Erykah

Erykah just openend an etsy store, called ticklishtoys where you find her funny creatures.

Look what treasures I got from Anne. By the way Anne celebrates her new blog address
with a giveaway of 2 of her cute linocut prints. Take the chance!


Anonymous said...

Oh, vikings go "unhappy hipsters"!? Picture and comment reminds me a lot of it...
See you on Wednesday!

herzensart said...

Elke, I was curious and googled "unhappy hipsters". I guess you´re talking about this site ?
It´s great.
Looking forward to meet you again :)

Anonymous said...

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parisa mahmoudi said...

cute doll!!!!!!!!!! :D