Thursday, March 04, 2010

minicards and Grüffalo

I needed some small cards for give away by occasion and also to add to the
small packages, where no postcard format fits in. Both sides can be printed in
color. I think they are really cute and I like the little card boxes they are coming in.
Ordered online here

Sometimes my customers are sending me pics from my "babies" in their new homes,
this one makes me especially blissful
Grüffalo, alias Arni Twillson was taken to the carneval party in the kindergarden
by 4 year old Henry...

I´m still waiting for the rubber stamps to arrive.
Hope they are coming today, latest tomorrow.
I promise to ship your orders as soon as they are here. Thank you for your patience!


Beate Knappe said...

Deine kleinen Karten sind wirklich schön und danke für den Link- vielleicht kann ich ihn auch nutzen :-))))

elisa said...

The gruffalo is so cute.
I am very patient :)
Just waiting for your nice box to come and enjoy the sun in my studio today.

Wrennette said...

Dear Sandra....The sun is shining in Northern California...but I am wearing a turtleneck, sweatshirt, and's cold. So many of the trees have bloomed and then the rain knocked the blossoms off. Poor Mother Nature she's having a hard time making up her mind. Even though you had so much snow you are probably having better pre-Spring weather than we are. I wanted to tell you that I think it is so very nice that people are sending you 'updates' on your children..what of these of your children will travel across the big pond to the United States of America and settle into Northern California and help me greet each and every new day. I am so looking forward to that. I think your new cards are so you......the look on Mr. Viking's face is perfect..his eyes. I look forward to having one in my next box. I'm with your other friends........patience is a virtue...not to worry.

Virginia said...

:) First thing Henri arrives from Kindergarten I will show him famous arnie in the internet :) He will be very proud :)

have a sunny happy weekend,

ibb said...

Karten sind schön!
Love that composition...I should think about something like that, but must work more on it.

Susan said...

I love your new cards and I look forward to receiving my rubber stamps. No worries on the wait! :-)

herzensart said...

@Beate: gern geschehen. Ich finde das Format sehr praktisch

@Elisa: I shipped your package today, it should arrive soon. Enjoy your studio time!

@Wrennette: winter came back to us today too and all is white again. I wonder if the flowers will survive the cold. Yes one day for sure one of my children will travel to you :)

@Virginia: thanks so much for sharing this pic with me, it´s so amazing and I love to see my dolls in action

@ibb: danke!

@Susan: I shipped your stamps today too. Thanks again!