Thursday, March 11, 2010

just some pics

found these funny vintage hotel bathroom papers from the sixties

still rests of snow on the rooftops... and I feel soooo tired these days
and so do my 2 cats. One of them is snoring REALLY loud, while I´m typing this

flowers found at my studio doorsteps :)

Lovely vintage sewing patterns


Wrennette said...

Here is another 'window' into your home/studio. Behind the subject, Spring flowers in blue pot, I can see a two drawer dressing table under a beautiful. Did you do the refurbishing? Did you do the painting? How beautiful. You're need to find a 'settee'. I think you'll have'll find one. Today, was a gloriously sunshiny day in Northern California. I wish I could share it with you so you could lose the winter blues. smile, Enjoy, your weekend. Thankyou for the pictures.

Beate Knappe said...

Ja, auch ich bin das Wetter mehr als satt - es könnte nun endlich Frühling werden - oder? Deine Fotos sind schön, tolle Stimmung ist da, wo du arbeitest, ich beneide dich .-))))
ch bin gerade in einer ganz anderen Stimmung: Aufgeben!!!!

Nadja said...

très chic, die Badezimmeranhänger!!!