Friday, March 19, 2010

herzensart fabric exclusively for Volksfaden

when Linda Gaylord from well known fabric store Volksfaden offered me to have one of my "what I wore today"
doodles transferred into a fabric pattern, I just couldn´t believe my luck.

But et voila, here it is: "What I wore today", 100% Organic Cotton Poplin, printed with Herbal Dyes

I think it´s a funny pattern for the coming summer season and nice for bags,
pillows and bedding, maybe curtains, a summer dress or tunic, or a skirt or whatever you are coming up with

The first herzensart fabric is exclusively available here

And what´s best: to celebrate the fact that Spring has finally sprung....
Volksfaden is having a Spring Sale... 20% off on all fabrics, patterns, and notions from

Saturday March 20th, until Monday 22, 2010

Please enter this code at the top of the order page:



Lucy in the Sky said...

...und man könnte deine Outfits sogar ausmalen! Diese Zeichnungen fand ich ganz phantastisch, viel schöner als tägliche Fotos, und eine witzige Idee für Stoff.

nerd1 said...

super...herzlichen glückwunsch!
das will ich auch!

PilliPilli Handmade said...

Waw, that is fantastic indeed!
And how funny it must be to have a bag with ten of you wearing the same outfit as you?!

Lots of company!


becca jo said...

i would color one in! with embroidery or paint. how cute would that be? very fun!

in the US we have a company called 'Spoonflower' that will print up fabric from your design. i don't know if they ship to other countries however. :(

herzensart said...

Lucy danke, das ist wirklich eine schöne Idee!

Danke nerd1 :)

PilliPilli, haven´t thought of this before. Guees one of me is totally enough ;)

Becca Jo, yes that´s a cute idea. Have to try it.
Spoonflower ships worldwide, I have already tried them.

Cyriaque_L said...

I like this fabric very much and the idea that this organic fabric printed with herbal dying. I dye some of the teddies I create with herbal dying...

Kristin L said...

That is a fantastic opportunity. I love Volksfaden and it is such a great pat on the back to you that they want your designs on fabric. Congratulations!