Monday, March 22, 2010

no title on Mondays ;)

staring at all the cracks he found himself surrounded by,
he suddenly realized security was an illusion...

These quirky fellows are made by a flickr friend of mine, Erykah

Erykah just openend an etsy store, called ticklishtoys where you find her funny creatures.

Look what treasures I got from Anne. By the way Anne celebrates her new blog address
with a giveaway of 2 of her cute linocut prints. Take the chance!

Friday, March 19, 2010

herzensart fabric exclusively for Volksfaden

when Linda Gaylord from well known fabric store Volksfaden offered me to have one of my "what I wore today"
doodles transferred into a fabric pattern, I just couldn´t believe my luck.

But et voila, here it is: "What I wore today", 100% Organic Cotton Poplin, printed with Herbal Dyes

I think it´s a funny pattern for the coming summer season and nice for bags,
pillows and bedding, maybe curtains, a summer dress or tunic, or a skirt or whatever you are coming up with

The first herzensart fabric is exclusively available here

And what´s best: to celebrate the fact that Spring has finally sprung....
Volksfaden is having a Spring Sale... 20% off on all fabrics, patterns, and notions from

Saturday March 20th, until Monday 22, 2010

Please enter this code at the top of the order page:


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

welcome back birds

they are coming back and the air is filled with their big hello
Could be cranes, but I´m not sure. Any ornithologist here?

viking no.122

I haven´t made vikings for a while and they were overdue.
Another tribe is currently coming to life

The royal art lodge makes amazing art

Sunday, March 14, 2010

home where and what are you?

this is the house of my great-grandparents and the place where my grandmother was born.
My family moved already before I was born and for a while nobody lived there.
Later my parents spent some weekends with friends over there.

my parents in 1967

Then the house was sold, but from time to time we came back together with my grandparents.
I remember my grandmother standing in front of the house and telling stories from the past.
Although the place changed over the years, she still felt a deep connection,
not only to the house and ground, but I think to her family´s past -
that´s what she called HOME.

Feeling some kind of "unsettledness" inside myself, I lately think a lot about what HOME is.

I´d like to know where or what do you call HOME?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

just some pics

found these funny vintage hotel bathroom papers from the sixties

still rests of snow on the rooftops... and I feel soooo tired these days
and so do my 2 cats. One of them is snoring REALLY loud, while I´m typing this

flowers found at my studio doorsteps :)

Lovely vintage sewing patterns

Sunday, March 07, 2010

corners of my home

I woke up early today and shot some pics of the snow covered garden,
wandered through the house with the camera in one hand and the coffee
cup in the other one, taking pics of some corners:
this the place where the art of Picasso meets the art of Graca Paz and others
- the guest restroom.
For a psychedelic dose just take a deep look to the tiles
[more effective in real life]


Friday, March 05, 2010

Thursday, March 04, 2010

minicards and Grüffalo

I needed some small cards for give away by occasion and also to add to the
small packages, where no postcard format fits in. Both sides can be printed in
color. I think they are really cute and I like the little card boxes they are coming in.
Ordered online here

Sometimes my customers are sending me pics from my "babies" in their new homes,
this one makes me especially blissful
Grüffalo, alias Arni Twillson was taken to the carneval party in the kindergarden
by 4 year old Henry...

I´m still waiting for the rubber stamps to arrive.
Hope they are coming today, latest tomorrow.
I promise to ship your orders as soon as they are here. Thank you for your patience!