Saturday, February 20, 2010

Twitter & co.

studio food - trade with a factory fellow: coffee against asia noodles - good deal :)

another Constable, made for my dear friend who went to London

Due to Ryans post from yesterday I have some new twitter followers - hi guys! -
which pushes me to update my twitter account more regularly - hmpf

By the way I opened a facebook account yesterday, tadaaaa

vintage wallpaper



ach, an die nudeln kann ich mich gut erinnern. in der studizeit gabs die auch fast jeden tag. schon lang nicht mehr gegessen... und der tapetenlink ist super! danke und gruß von der saar
ahoj von frau wahn

Heather said...

Sandra, every time i visit your blog i leave happier than i was before! you are like my very own quick fix! xoxo

INGE said...

nice nice! i like him very much!