Sunday, February 14, 2010

handmade nation

happy Valentine to you!

I purchased a copy of Faythe Levines documentary "handmade nation" from

It´s an inspiring and motivating film about the wave of craft and DIY movement - it´s great!

Also available as download at Amazon, unfortunately only if you are located in the US

Faythe Levine about "handmade nation":

stop animated opening title sequence


elisa said...

Happy valentine to you. May your life be abundant with love,

I'm going to the carnaval in the snow, brrr. First dress with lots of clothes :)

nina said...
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nina said...

nachdem ich die web page gesehen habe muss ich einen neuen kommentar schreiben:super fantasievolle sachen mit so viel liebe zum detail gemacht...schön so etwas zu sehen!

VikingMom said...

Dear Sandra....Thankyou for the Valentine with your whimsical horses.....I love them. I appreciate your showing us clever ways to use our stamp. I also enjoyed the "handmade nation" information. We are enjoying a sunny day here in Northern I'll send you some sunshine. Wrennette