Wednesday, January 20, 2010


an amazing collection of drawing utensils, I probably never can use up.
Thank you Axel!

a surprise package from paperama with music and the cutest paper bags
Thank you Kathrin!

I finished two vikings yesterday

Monika Schuerle makes beautiful "still lifes"


.naa. said...

lovely gifts!
I really love your studio! Every corner of it is so pretty!
Have a nice day!

honi mun said...

What a beatiful present!! Enjoy drawing a lot ^_^

Gleyce Cruz um grão de açucar no oceano said... delicious!

matilda said...

All that pencils!! nice

Paperama said...

What a superwonderful collection, perfect for you to create even more amazing drawings.

And it make me very happy that you enjoyed my little surprise ☼

Have a lovely weekend!

Melanie "Mel Belle" said...

Your style is sooo incredibly sweet and charming! So glad I discovered your blog. Utterly delightful!

Lisa said...

love the little vikings -- they look like they are standing guard!