Sunday, August 30, 2009

new week - new offer

Last week has been a good week as

  • Constable Henry Murcher has been close on Jack´s heels, unfortunately Jack escaped...

  • a new camouflage viking tribe showed up in the studio. From left to right:

Arni Twillson, a real womanizer and daredevil. He captures womens hearts by shooting daisies with his twill.

Oddi Forestson, a dreamer, nothing could delight him more than lying in the grass, watching the clouds passing by and listening to the birds.

Snorri Knotterson, always crabby and nervous. He easily rages out of control and it is told that if he starts ranting it reminds of a crackling machine gun (although the vikings were far from using such kind of weapons, but it was rumored already...)

  • I´ve also added 3 new Drakkar pillows to my website
  • herzensart vikings have been published in an article of t3n magazine, written by Anissa. German readers probably know her very informative blog called handmade 2.0
Let´s have another good week!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mandalou - shop opening

such a great opening yesterday and the lovely shop owner ladies Christine and Eva created a warm and inviting atmosphere.

If you are in the area you should not miss to visit the shop.
It´s a nice mixture of children´s wear and accessiores, from small lables with unique, handmade items to the big ones.

Aachener Strasse 569
50933 Köln

Open Monday-Friday: 10:00-18:30
Saturday: 10:00-14:00

Saturday, August 22, 2009

extension of happiness formula

GIFTED papers + scissors + glue = happiness :o)

thank you so much Nicola from nicoletter for all the happy papers and beautiful stationary!
You can find nicoletter papers at dawanda and etsy

I made a little sign for a shop opening today...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Bobby #2.
To get ahead I decided for a simpler version at least for now. Mr. Ripper is in the make.
Next shop update is coming soon!

A nice post about our work at sweet sweet life
Thank you so much Amy!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

a formula for happiness

Love to play with papers again. My perfect, worthwhile evening occupation
instead of watching TV (although it´s running in the background....) and most important
it makes me happy! My little, personal formula for happiness these days goes like this:

papers + scissors + glue = happiness

Regarding happiness:

"Sandy [Alexander Calder] was never, in all his long life, unhappy.
He himself said that he had "a big advantage" as he was inclined to be happy by nature.
Once a magazine reporter asked him if he ever experienced sadness, and he answered, "No, I don´t have the time."

When I see him roaring here, I believe him.

from the book "Alexander Calder and his magical mobiles"]

A book I would love to carry with me everywhere.
Seems it has some magic in itself, by giving off the sweet smell of inspiration,
feeling of light-hearted- and carefreeness and allowance to play.

What´s your formula for happiness these days?

Monday, August 10, 2009

on a morning in September 1888

on a morning in September 1888,
Constable Harry Murcher
all of a sudden had the dim feeling
that this day wouldn´t pass him by uneventfully . . .

materials: paper, cardboard, glue
sizes: Constable: 12 cm; Jack: 14 cm; advertising column: 18,5 cm

Sunday, August 09, 2009

weekend pleasures

a cute ladybeetle in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much Gigi! I love it!

Also yesterday - a trip to the Eifel, where I found an amazing rummage hall in a small village called Kommern

Another incredible traveller and artist couple: The Hermitage

Friday, August 07, 2009

uh shit!

must have been at least a Tyrannosaurusrexbird who left his signs on the doorsteps to the studio today

anyway, wishing you a happy weekend!

Inspiring: fecalface

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

my gipsy heart...

my gipsy heart is calling and makes me dreaming of going on a long journey in an old, nostalgic camper - a VW bus for example.
One I could restore and transform to my rolling living- and workspace.

For some time of the year I would travel, taking my sewing supplies with me, fabrics and of course Friederike! and together we would visit inspiring places and stay wherever we want to stay. We would meet interesting people and sell our handmade creatures "on the road" so to say.

So far the dream, a long dreamed dream in few words.

Some days ago while searching the internet for old vehicles (not with intent to buy one, only to collect pics for supporting/visualizing my dream with a collage in my journal)
I stumpled upon a blog that made me almost fell off my chair. There it was - THE visualization of my dreams.

Since that day I almost can´t think of anything else than "Bedford", which is the name of this incredible former horse box and rolling Bobby Dazzler gallery.

But since neither I can afford a Bedford nor any other camper, I keep on dreaming and sewing.