Wednesday, July 29, 2009


it´s me Friederike! and I just felt like saying hi! Hi!

it´s sticky in here today and I will enjoy the rest of the day outside.
Tomorrow is another day!

Perfect weather for one of these salads

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yesterday I finished my last orders and I feel free again. Free for new projects and works.
I´m looking forward to go on with the guy hanging on the wall, patiently waiting to come to life for so long...

these pretty studio lamps with daylight bulbs, besides the light tent is a birthday gift from my husband. Now I´m not dependent on nice weather with good light anymore for taking pics of my creations. Cool!

Canadian illustrator and crafter: Hine

Sunday, July 26, 2009

weekend pleasures

spent a nice BBQ evening at Bogi

the sausages got really hot

this small safe was fun to make

wouldn´t it be nice to have a bookcase hut like this? Pictures of the construction here (found through 3 sheets)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


is a method of cryptic or concealing coloration that allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment through deception" [Wikipedia]

Sounds good to me these days ;)

Speaking of camouflage.... I got mail from Hawaii. Kristin la Flamme is a textile artist who makes fantastic quilts and fiber art. She sent me - besides yummy chocolat and papers - an U.S. army uniform that her husband didn´t wear anymore.
Kristin had made a breathtaking "war sucks"quilt by reusing an uniform of her hubby before and she thought the world could need camouflage vikings too. I think she is right :)

While I have deconstructed the trousers already, I like the idea of wearing the camouflage jacket for a while. Thank you so much Kristin!

not camouflage, but another one.

I promised to show you some pics of the "new" workspace, but not everything has found it´s place yet. Therefore I decided to post some pics of yesterdays and todays work besides a first studio glimpse

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


"life is what happens to you, while you´re busy making other plans" [John Lennon]

Unforeseen events are shaking my little world upside down. Therefore I have no current projects and works to share with you. Not yet.

But there are signs that I will be back very soon. Bogi and I have started to rearrange our studio. I moved my workingspace to the upper, front room, which has natural light. It´s small but has a nice atmosphere now.

Will show you some pics, maybe already later that day.

Current mantra:
"Every day in every way
it's getting better and better" [J.L.]

Monday, July 06, 2009

burlab & berries

The burlab coffee sacks I found in Maastricht and I had to have them without knowing how to use them. By chance I stumbled upon Mayas inspiring blog yesterday. She makes beautiful burlab buckets and also offers the sewing pattern on etsy, which I happily purchased.

garden harvest: cherries and berries are ripe and so delicious

Saturday, July 04, 2009

one morning you wake up and you are 40

paperdolls in Maastricht

Yesterday I entered into my 40iest year on this planet. My feelings about leaving the thirties behind are divided.
For those of you who haven´t "crossed the border" yet, you have to find out on your own how it feels for you :). Contemporaries probably know what I´m talking about. I spent a lovely and oh so hot day in Maastricht.

Thank you all for your prompt help with the sewing machine issue! It´s still not solved, but I can get a friend´s machine for substitute for the first.
Thanks also for the bleaching tipp! Is stamping bleach really possible? As far as I know it is very aquaeus... but will have to find out more about it.

-- Note for Magda (Poland): the messages I´m sending you to the email-adress you gave me, can´t be delivered to you, says the auto-response-email.... --

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

days like these...

I carved a rubber-stamp, but it didn´t come out the way it was meant to be and also the stamped color was absorbed by the denim fabric immediately.

Only 2 weeks ago I had my sewing machine at repair and machine care. Yesterday new problems... the bobbin thread is showing up on the frontside of the sewn piece. It´s not possible to get a clean and regular zigzag stitch any more. I tried everything (?), from changing thread tension to using other needles, other thread, other fabric. But it was all the same. Do you have any further hints/tipps???

My PFAFF dealer is 4 weeks on holiday and an other PFAFF destination I asked for help didn´t feel like helping me today and let me know it´s not their business if MY dealer was on holiday.
That´s service in this country, friends....

I have orders to fulfill and just the thought of waiting 4 weeks until I can complain the last repair, makes me nervously shuffle my feet.
Maybe I can borrow a machine.

The new figure I am working on was inspired by this plate

Chris Gilmour makes incredible things with cardboard

summer evenings...

...with party planning. My birthday is coming...

and enjoying the silhouette of thistles in the dusk