Sunday, October 18, 2009

weekend pleasures and screenprinter wanted

2 new magazines at my table, both sharing my work.
Uppercase published in Canada (inspirational and beautiful) I love it and Nido (a new German magazine for young families).

Thank you for your help with the fabric patterns. For the first I´ve order some swatches of fabric pattern 2, 3 and a new one below.
I also think about having the fabrics printed by a German company I´ve talked to.

For a screenprint on fabric project I´m looking for a screenprinter, primarily located in Germany or Europe. Anybody here interested in a collaboration project?
If so I´d be happy to recieve your message [ info(at)herzensart(dot)com ]. Thank you!


ibb said...

Lovely viking pattern.
Good luck with that patterns.

mymaki said...

das wird sicher ein süßes stöffchen! werde zu weihnachten auch noch ein paar in auftrag geben. hast du die polsterstoffe schon mal bedrucken lassen?

:: liebste grüße aus minga von maki