Friday, October 02, 2009

the riddle's answer

clever peeps, you are :)

And here comes the solution: the night before I made the drawing, I had this nightmare, dreaming my hand had been cut off by an accident and after surgery I woke up with my hand beening re-attached backwards. Doctor said, no problem, you will get used to it...
Just a dream, but not THE lie I asked you to find.

The funny thing is that I made an unintended mistake. I almost fell off my chair of laughing, after the first person recognized it and left a comment. I mixed up the weekdays, but this was not my intetion. So that was also not THE lie, at least not the intended one.

THE lie in the drawing was I had NO umbrella with me, cause I never have an umbrella with me when it rains. Whenever you see me walking out the door with an umbrella in my hand you can for sure leave yours at home. No rain that day!

Ok, before you are grumbling and thinking what a mean ass she is, here is some compensation for the first 3 who had found the Tuesday-Thursday mistake, which are Jamee, sosser and ellabella. Congrats! Please send your addresses to (, so I can send you a set of viking postcards. Thanks to all who participated!

No drawing for today, but some pics from todays studio guests

Charlotte, cutest cutie of all cuties


Christine, who makes fantastic quilts

Labbé wrote about our chestnuts on their blog
Bloesemkids about our viking plates
Thank you!

I received the viking stamps today, yippiiiee


Anonymous said...

lieben dank fuer den blog-tipp! gestern erst habe ich bei labbe bestellt, aber der blog ist bisher an mir vorbeigegangen :)

●• Thereza said...

wonderful!!! :)
have a lovely weekend!

SoHK said...

I love your work !!!
I can't wait for the stamps ...yeeha, so happy they will be soon on your shop.
A post about your newest products will be published very soon on So happy kids, about child treasuries and tips.
You talked about postcards. Do you sell them ? because I couldn't find them in the shop...