Saturday, August 01, 2009

making of the Bobby - part II

my Bobby seems to become a story of try and error.
I had printed that little badges for the helmet now on fabric with my printer, as this was the easiest way to go on.
It´s ok for the first but it´s maybe not the final solution yet.
The blue thread I used for the application looked ugly after sewing
(you can see a bigger picture by clicking on the pic) and so I had to unseam it again.

Next I tried white thread and this looks better to me.
The white line around the badge gives a nice contrast and looks neat

Afterwards the Bobby was ready to be sewn together and stuffed.
And this is the result:

key learning: what looks good and in good proportion when flat and one dimensional,
doesn´t have to look good and well proportioned when stuffed.

But I won´t give up. I have to make some changes to the pattern and try again.

"Making of" to be continued....

Hoboyard Toy Collective

For now I´m wishing you a sunny and joyful weekend!


Beate Knappe said...

auf jeden Fall ist er ein lustiger Bursche :-)))

Anonymous said...

oh der dicke herr gefaellt mir sehr ... ich wuerde vielleicht taschen und/oder guertel probeweise farblich absetzen ... da fehlt mir irgendwie noch ein kontrast zum blau :)

FeeMail said...

Also 1. weißer Saum viel besser! 2. Ich stimme zu, was das Absetzen des Gürtels angeht. Fände ich auch gut. 3. Die Arme müssen länger. Ca. bis auf Höhe des Gürtels würde ich sagen. 4. Er erinner mich aber trotzdem immer noch an jemanden. ich weiß nur nicht an wen :-)!

myriam kemper said...

Sehr fein geworden -
ja, die Arme müßten vielleicht etwas länger, dann wäre die gefüllte Optik auch "rund" :o)

Einen lieben Gruß von

Ro said...

Ich Liebe es Sandra!! Ich lasse mich weiter inspirieren ;P
Echt Super!

Larissa said...

Love to see your process. And yes, I prefer the white outline too! He is altogether wonderful, even though he is not your ideal yet.

Kristin L said...

Thanks for sharing your process as I think we all go through much trial and error before we are happy with the results. I think your Bobby is well on his way and look forward to meeting his more refined co-workers.

Graça Paz said...

This is( the one)!!!You arev inspierd!!:-))

ramage said...

complètement magique !

j'aimerais avoir le même devant ma porte !