Wednesday, July 22, 2009


"life is what happens to you, while you´re busy making other plans" [John Lennon]

Unforeseen events are shaking my little world upside down. Therefore I have no current projects and works to share with you. Not yet.

But there are signs that I will be back very soon. Bogi and I have started to rearrange our studio. I moved my workingspace to the upper, front room, which has natural light. It´s small but has a nice atmosphere now.

Will show you some pics, maybe already later that day.

Current mantra:
"Every day in every way
it's getting better and better" [J.L.]


Anaïs Goldemberg said...

I hope you're ok ! Come back soon with beautiful things !

Anonymous said...

oh, dann bitte schnell herrn lennon auf volle lautstaerke drehen :)

ich hoffe euch geht es gut ...

Beate Knappe said...

take care and will be back soon!!!!

color me happy said...

perfect mantra to go with :-), hope everything will arrange in a better way soon

ardize said...

take 'er easy, ma chère! and thanks for the wonderful mobile , gigi

ardize said...

take 'er easy, ma chère! and thanks for the great mobile, gigi

Jennifer Morrison said...

Sending good thoughts from Canada. Take care.

elisa said...

My days are so different in what my attention goes to, as to the way I dream my day. It's not even bad things, just normal family life but I cannot remember the last day I had to myself.
Breathe on and enjoy my time later so much more :)

Luck and love to you.
And I just love the 'new' studio. It's so bright, has to cheer you up.