Thursday, July 23, 2009


is a method of cryptic or concealing coloration that allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment through deception" [Wikipedia]

Sounds good to me these days ;)

Speaking of camouflage.... I got mail from Hawaii. Kristin la Flamme is a textile artist who makes fantastic quilts and fiber art. She sent me - besides yummy chocolat and papers - an U.S. army uniform that her husband didn´t wear anymore.
Kristin had made a breathtaking "war sucks"quilt by reusing an uniform of her hubby before and she thought the world could need camouflage vikings too. I think she is right :)

While I have deconstructed the trousers already, I like the idea of wearing the camouflage jacket for a while. Thank you so much Kristin!

not camouflage, but another one.

I promised to show you some pics of the "new" workspace, but not everything has found it´s place yet. Therefore I decided to post some pics of yesterdays and todays work besides a first studio glimpse


Margie Oomen said...

I love seeing the little glimpses of your new studio.
It is so inspiring. I am dying to set up a studio space of my own.

U.Pink said...

i am always amazed everytime you come up with new ideas in styling those li'l guys.. ^^

U.Pink said...

i am always amazed everytime you come up with new ideas in styling those li'l guys.. ^^

Kristin L said...

The viking looks so good in camouflage! I really like the way you incorporated the seam in the hat and the tab thingie on teh front of teh pants. I notice you cut out the sizing label too. I love the looks of those too -- so industrial -- but haven't actually incorporated one into any of my work.

Angela K. Nickerson said...

Your workspace looks so inviting. Fresh and clean. And inspiring... I've been cleaning out my own for a few days now. That's a little inspiration for tomorrow! Thanks! :)

Uschi said...

wow...another variation of disarming! But the viking looks rather do you think the "spirit" of the cloth transformed a peaceful viking?

Does this mean that your sewing-machine is back at work?

Musenkind am Meer said...

Sehr gemütlich! Ich wünsche Dir entspannte kreative Zeiten im neuen Domizil. Sandra und die Wikinger im Partnerlook! Toll!

Liebe Grüße

Fine Little Day said...

Your studio looks very nice.

herzensart said...

thanks to you!

@Uschi: my sewing machine got a new set up again on Monday and now it happily works again