Sunday, June 14, 2009

the way

herzensart is turning 4 this year. Maybe it´s because I´m still without my sewing machine and therefore got some extra time for mulling, maybe it´s because soon I´m entering the 4th decade as well... anywayI find myself stuck in a midlife and business review.

In the last days I felt somehow overwhelmed with all my thoughts and troubles and was looking for a more structured way to have a closer look at some life and business topics. On my Internet research I found 2 sites that I think can be helpful and inspiring to get the ball rolling. I want to share them with you, in case you haven´t heard about these sites already

The Art of Nonconformity - unconvetional strategies for life, work and travel by Chris Guillebau

Zenhabits - simple productivity by Leo Babauta

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

P.S.: Oh and I changed my blog layout, hope you like it?


Anonymous said...

ein schoenes bild zu dem eintrag ... die straße mutet an wie ein fluß :)

mlle a. said...

Your new layout is very "spacy" - in a good way.
Talking about retrospectives and finding a meaning in what we do (for a living) - that's a nice coincidence. I made that the topic of yesternight's handmade.Telegramm at my blog and picked from my bookmark collection three somewhat influential posts from creative people from the past six years.

elisa said...

I like your new layout and the words from Goethe are so true.
I wish you luck on your way.

Beate Knappe said...

Veränderung ist doch immer was Positives - und das Goethe ZItat ist eies meinr liebsten.

Wünsche Dir eine gute Nähmaschinen freie Zeit - what's about Käsekuchen???

Uschi said...

nimm den Rucksack und geh gucken, was hinter der nächsten Biegung kommt...und dann ein Bild ist ein Weg ist das!