Friday, May 01, 2009


First of May, public holiday and it´s an old tradition that at night the boys place a decorated birch tree at the house of their beloved girl.

Finished viking #100, made on custom order.

I´ve been to a medieval market at a castel today. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me. It was so idyllic, people in medieval clothes bathed in golden sunlight between blooming apple trees, the smell of met and baked bread. Felt like a time travel to a kind of a medieval Woodstock, when listening to this band

late tulips, but my favorites this year


Smila said...

And what did Smirky do on the first of May?

Liebe Grüße, Smila

hmstrjam said...

love it Sandra- Freulich Mai Tag!

Dawn said...

oh, i like the sound of that tradition :)

Bogi Bell said...

Never got a birch tree - my beloved one is highly allergic to birches :( I LOVE this tulip - latest guests are often the prettiest :)

Sunny weekend to you