Friday, May 29, 2009

circus time

I just received this wonderful piece of reused porcelain I purchased from the studio violet exhibition at manos. It was not an easy decision which piece to choose, but I loved the jumping tiger so much. Lucky me!

The weekend I will spend my time with inks, I´m going to participate in a screenprinting workshop - even more lucky me :o)

Wishing you a sunny, happy weekend as well!


Musenkind am Meer said...

Die Sauciere ist ganz zauberhaft!

Ich wünsche Dir kreative Stunden und inspirierende Begegnungen bei Deinem Workshop!

Windige Meeresgrüße von

Bogi Bell said...

sie ist wunderwunderwunderwunderwunderwunder schööööön! Machste mal ne leckere Soßem dann komm ich essen *hihi und bewundern nactürlich!

Kristin L said...

Beautiful. I love the reused porcelain concept. Studio Violet makes such lovely things.

elisa said...

Wow, that's really is a great piece.

Have lots of fun screenprinting.