Thursday, April 16, 2009

still... bed, coughing like an elk. I´m not good in staying in bed, which means I´m getting bored. I AM bored. My sketchbook is next to me, but cannot concentrate on one thing. So much time to surf the internet, so much inspiration, so many things I´d like to do all at once.

Got sweet mail some mintues ago.... viking bears. Thank you Anja!

Yesterdays paper play in bed led to these three. A new viking tribe called the Moustachesons.
The left one could be a morphing of Mister Bean and Wilhelm II., German Emperor

I´m running out my textile tags. Is this the correct name for those little tags you are sewing to the side seam? Have to order new ones. Since I had my logo changed already a while back it is more than overdue. But I wonder if I couldn´t find anything else than those woven polyester tags. A more natural material I would like better. Also found printed on cotton tags. Have to think about that. Any other ideas??? Everything that helps killing time is very appreciated :)
Thank you friends!


belula said...

I hope you will be good soon!!!!

PilliPilli Handmade said...

Get well soon!

I can't think of anything to recommend other than lots of tea with thyme and other healthy spices (ginger always works miracles for me...) with honey of course. Lots of it.

And I usually re-watch my favourite inspiring movies, like Dagerous Liaions, Chocolat and the Elisabeth-movies... for good colours and wonderful costumes... which at least makes me feel happy!

Very Best Wishes and I hope you'll be back on your feet and behind your sewingtable soon!

PilliPilli Handmade

Anonymous said...

love those three moustached guys ;-)! prends soin de toi! gigi

Barbara Prime said...

I make my own tags using a lino-cut block and acrylic paint. Then I can print them on anything I want, usually squares of white cotton or satin ribbon.


thank you all for your good wishes!

@Katrien: I love ginger tea, that´s a good idea. Will ask my husband to bring me some. Elisabeth movies... yes so inspiring!

@Barbara: that linocut tags sound interesting. I had made some linoprints a while back, but found it a bit frustrating. It was hard to recieve a "clear" printing result. After drying the acrylic is washable, right?

Beate Knappe said...

Deine Wikinger sind einfach wunderbar - warum nicht länger das Bett hüten????
Weiterhin gute Besserung!!!
Empfehlen kann ich "Burn after reading" - als DVD, wirklich unterhaltsam :-)))

nicoletter said...

So, jetzt wünsche ich Dir erst einmal gute Besserung. Bin arg im Stress und da geht so manches unter, was nicht untergehen sollte. Du wirst hoffentlich schnell wieder gesund! Die neuen Collagen sind klasse. Ist meine Post eigentlich angekommen? Habe vor Ostern was ans Atelier geschickt.

Larissa said...

like an elk? That's impressive. So sorry you are sick AND bored. Bad combo. but I love the Moustachesons! they are perfect.
no good tips on the tags from me. But I think when I'm coughing uncontrollably that Chloriseptic is the bomb. I wonder if Germany has it? It's supposed to be for sore throats, but I use it to calm a dry cough.


danke für den Tipp Beate, muss gleich mal auf Amazon nachschauen...

Nicola, danke auch an Dich!
Mein letzter Ateliertag war der Donnerstag, da war nichts im Briefkasten gewesen. Ich gebe Dir Bescheid sobald ich wieder drüben bin. Oh eine Überraschung, wie schön!

Larissa, "Chloriseptic", sounds good, but never heared of. Do I find it at the vet pharmacy? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. Such a drag to be sick and bored!

mlle a. said...

"Fabric labels" would be the most common name, even though "textile tags" isn't grammatically wrong.

It doesn't have to be polyester; there are companies here in Germany that produce custom cotton labels, too, such as woven cotton labels (which I think look really professional and are long-lasting).

Self-stamped labels can be very frustrating, especially when you have to print lots of them. I think that from some point onwards, having good labels made by a third party really pays off, "handmade hin oder her".

herzensart said...

Hi mlle a., unfortunately your blog doesn´t show up, when clicking at your username.
Do you have a link to a company in Germany that makes the cotton labels? That would be great.