Sunday, March 15, 2009


quiet weekend... today we´ve been to the flea market in town, but I didn´t find something I needed to have (which is good), although I was thinking about taking home one of these enamel buckets. Finally I didn´t.

currently reading Tracey Emin´s book "Strangeland"


Michael said...

But this time I found something! An old ivory-coloured telephone with dial-plate. Nice item at my desk near all that high tech stuff.

I love you.

Double Rice said...

Should be great fun walking in flea market, we dun have this kind of activities in hong kong. Except valuable antiques, people here no much like OLD or second hand stuffs.

*I like all colors of your photos.

Double Rice

Bogi said...

Would you give me this book after reading? I'm curious :)these photos look so great, wish I could have been there too. Next time :)

Turkish Food said...

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