Saturday, February 28, 2009

happy weekend friends!

ending this week with some pics

unstuffed, but grumpy already

one, two, three

and finally a glass of Rosé ... in case you, we did not have the whole bottle yesterday :)

Love the collages of Takashi Iwasaki


FeeMail said...

ich liebe sein outfit. hat sowas von amerikanischer südstaaten hillbilly meets wikinger...

shula said...

Not EVER would I have thought that...

hmstrjam said...

have a great weekend1 love that unstuffed grump!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Oh, he is wonderful!

coloredsock said...

ha! i love the unstuffed grump! i can't wait to get one of your creations---Baby is coming soon! 4 weeks or probably more. mmm, and thanks for the inspiration link---such beautiful collages. hope you are well. wish i could make it to your studio party!

belula said...

I love your vikings!!!!

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