Monday, October 06, 2008

herzensart toys taste best

it always makes Friederike! and me giggle when looking at these pics, my talented friend took.

Little Emma confirms: herzensart toys are so yummy (*)
What do you think about our new slogan: herzensart toys taste best :)

(*) all fabrics we use are prewashed

It´s been a rainy weekend, so we used the stay at home weather for a bit website redesign and update. Please check out here.

sweet project : the toy society (through Poppalina)


Melinda said...

Little Emma also apparently thinks that not only do they taste best, but that they are drool-worthy. :) Those are endorsements that it's awfully hard to ignore. (And Little Emma is adorable chewing on that toy axe!)

bogi said...

Little Emma was sooooo hungry that day ;) Have to giggle, too and I think your new slogan is great :D Funny girl... xox