Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ole Harbard the Bold {Ole Graubart der Mutige}

I love this time of year, the late afternoon sun light makes nature glowing. The days are filled with the three 's' again: sitting, sewing, stuffing

This is Ole Harbard the Bold, pet lover and famous dragon whisperer... here with a (at first sight) cute mini dragon. But beware! This little creature only acts the innocent, in fact it´s one of the most malicious and dangerous species of dragons ever existed. Only Ole knows the magic words that turn this little devil to a handsome, purring kittie. {viking sculpture for Creature feature}


soap sculptures by Marlies Pekarek


bogi said...

Ole is great! And his little dragon... stunning! Good luck for you and them at Creature feature :-*

I do love these days, too, although they remind me of winter is coming soon.

These soaps are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely adore these new guys especially this one with his dragon! you make wonderful things!!! gigi

Kristin L said...

Greybeard's dragon is so cute!

Bettina said...

So beautiful Ole.He is so adorable,the face is so special!Is your house in the photo?So wonderful !!!!!Besos

herzensart journal said...

Hi Bettina,
thank you :)
Unfortunately this is not my house in the pic.

Anonymous said...

hey girls!
i love the lil' dragon, your work is amazing!!! you even got copycats now, but don't worry, they are so bad they can easily be recognized!!!
check this out:


herzensart journal said...

hi gaëlle, thanks for writing us. We checked the link and could see the parts of our design used, but there are also parts that are different. So, Friederike! and me can live with this :)