Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the black lark gang

in the middle: Olaf Trehogger (Olaf the Tree-feller), left side: Ole Harbard the Bold (remember? pet lover and famous dragon whisperer), and on the right: Hrolf Kraki (Rolf the Crow)

before sending them off to black lark gallery, Hastings UK

Have to close now, eating bananabread, can´t stop it... it´s so delicious!
I used this recipe (sorry in German), but instead of soja milk I used milk


deedeen said...

Love them all, especially the tiny dragon!

Michael said...

yes, they are great.

Bananabread? What about me? Will there still be bananabread available at Friday?

Kristin L said...

The tied beard is wonderful! (I am such a fan of all your creations.) Thanks for sharing your pieta-nut process -- I found the Mixed Nuts blog through another artist and recognized your work right away! Oh, and I see you have a Diana Fayt mug too (want).

belula said...

Ooooh!....I love this vikings!!!

Anonymous said...

That little pet dragon...adorable!!

If I had a pet dragon, I would walk it through town every single day.

bogi said...

This recipe is so gooooood :)
Could'nt take a photo of my banana bread - René was to fast :D

Your new 'bad' vikings are so cool, they have characters, they have stories, they're just great. Hope they join their time in England :)

But I'm sure you'll let us know...

big hugs