Monday, September 29, 2008

creative kids

this is Thurman O'Herlihy, 9 years old and at his second art show (found through handmadenation)

and these are 2 members of the incredible grecolaborativo, "a full family collaboration, a couple creating with their young daughter and son."

See-through Predator from robertogreco on Vimeo.

I´d love to create with kids. From time to time I am thinking about giving toy making classes for children. But I´m not sure at all if I have "teaching" skills. Guess that´s one of the things one has to try to find out.

happy creating!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

weekend pleasures

on a yesterday afternoon walk, when turning around this corner (picture above) we stumbled upon a small gallery (picture below) led by a sweet lady. The garden, or better say the forest that belongs to the ground, is turned into a scultpure garden. There is also a tiny workshop of a sculpture artist which you can see on the right in the above picture.

what really amazes me is the fact that one often finds the best places without searching and secondly this gallery is so outlying and hidden. It is placed at the end of a small street and there is no transit traffic or something like that at all, the street ends in the forest. So people come here by chance or they´ve heared of it´s existence and it works, since 12 years already.
That makes me think of the sentence:
better the first in the country than the second in the city.

in contrast.....great photos of living spaces in the city (New York): Meryl Smith and others at theselby (found through............ hm, forgotten)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the black lark gang

in the middle: Olaf Trehogger (Olaf the Tree-feller), left side: Ole Harbard the Bold (remember? pet lover and famous dragon whisperer), and on the right: Hrolf Kraki (Rolf the Crow)

before sending them off to black lark gallery, Hastings UK

Have to close now, eating bananabread, can´t stop it... it´s so delicious!
I used this recipe (sorry in German), but instead of soja milk I used milk

Sunday, September 14, 2008

the mixed nuts project

I´m happy to announce that the former secret "mixed nuts project" is online for public viewing now.

Kirsty Campion, an Australian designer had sent a plain white nut shape to artists around the globe (I´m sure some of the participant names you´ve heared already before) and invited them to modify it freely. The only rule was to stay true to the stitching line of the shape. All sent in nuts were exhibited in Adelaide afterwards.

While working on that project I took some pics for documenting the process.
For approaching to this nut shape and getting inspiration I found it to be the best and fastest way using the paper pattern, some buttons and fabric scraps. I then played around by arranging them over and over again.
Soon I knew that the bigger part of the nut would be the head, while the small one should be the body.
When tilting the head I was touched by the expression and I had found my form and idea. I wanted to make a Pietà Nut. “Pietà” derives from the Latin word “pietas”, meaning “pity”, “compassion”, “sorrow”. It is the name traditionally given to works of art representing the dead body of Christ in the arms of his mother, a devotional image of the Virgin Mary mourning the dead Christ, who lies across her lap.

sketchbook while working on the nut project

My Pietà Nut is not meant to be a sculpture of Mary and Christ. I choosed the Pietà as the subject, because of the mother and child theme and my personal experiences and emotions about it. To me it is a strong symbol for loss, mourning, pain, motherhood and the fragility of life.

The final "Pietá Nut"; wall sculpture, about 35 cm tall, white artificial leather, white cotton fabric, hand-embroidered with silver and copper thread, stuffed with polyfill, hanger on the back.

Please visit the mixed nuts online exhibition, to see what each artist created from the shape. Some nuts are sold already, others (mine too) are still available. You can also leave a comment, we´d be happy. If you enjoy the project and exhibition then please spread the word. Thank you!

A hughe THANK YOU goes to Kirsty for this art project. For me it was a gift to recieve her invitation. The Pietà Nut is a very personal piece and devotional. Making her was an emotional and teary thing. But after I had finished her I felt eased and I knew I had taken a further step in a healing and learning to accept process. And after all her color is WHITE ...

early Sunday morning

while the house is still sleeping I enjoy the awakening morning. I had to capture this rare moment of a clean studio. Did you recognize the uncluttered table? There´s only the laptop, flowers from Bogi, my first coffee con latte and thyroid pills. I love it this way, clean and virgin (had typed "fergile" before.... that tells everything .... giggle), ready for something or anything to happen.
Good morning to you!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ole Harbard the Bold {Ole Graubart der Mutige}

I love this time of year, the late afternoon sun light makes nature glowing. The days are filled with the three 's' again: sitting, sewing, stuffing

This is Ole Harbard the Bold, pet lover and famous dragon whisperer... here with a (at first sight) cute mini dragon. But beware! This little creature only acts the innocent, in fact it´s one of the most malicious and dangerous species of dragons ever existed. Only Ole knows the magic words that turn this little devil to a handsome, purring kittie. {viking sculpture for Creature feature}


soap sculptures by Marlies Pekarek

Monday, September 08, 2008

weekend pleasures

A weekend filled with activities, lies behind me. Four apple trees produce quite a lot of fruits... We tried to grap as many as possible from the trees, sorted out the apples that dropped from the trees in the last days and brought most of them to an apple presses. Now we can enjoy "homegrown" apple juice for the rest of our lifes.
This weekend the yards of Unkel had opened their doors for public again. Artists from the area were presenting their works in a beautiful and pittoresque ambience of the old gardens and parks that belong to these villas and yards. The pink old house (above) in view of an old church is surrounded by a beautiful stone wall and wrought-iron door. I had recognized this house already last year, now it is vacant. (M. don´t read any further!) There is also a romantic out-house which would make a nice studio. Dreaming again...
We also had our first pumpkin soup this year, which means autumn is here and enjoyed delicious homemade pizza with friends and little Charlotte. It was also the weekend of our wedding day which we celebrated with yoga lessons and a special massage. Hello new week...

Friday, September 05, 2008

know what?

I´m wishing you a great weekend!
{In my back, new fabric storage, which you can´t see very well due to my big belly, but it´s cool, yeah}

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Olav Grimmigsson (Olav Grimsson)

nomen est omen. Olav is a real grumpy bastard. While his behaviour is lacking of any etiquette rules (biting foot nails in public is just one of his favorites and not the worst...), his table behaviours are also called obscene...

viking sculpture: 42 cm tall
diverse cotton fabrics, thread, recycled leather, fake leather, felt, wool, pearls, coconut buttons, hand-and-machine embroidered, polyfil stuffing

viking no.79, first of a new viking tribe...

Monday, September 01, 2008

s l o w

gosh, is it really September?
Everythings pretty slow these days at herzensart studio. I feel like an 160 years old turtle, tired after sleep deprivation, my joints are hurting, since weeks my right hand suffers from a tendosynovitis, which comes and goes. I´m moving slowly, working slowly, thinking slowly... I guess my body and soul are still on sabbatical.
But an exhibition deadline is coming in big steps so I´m trying to convince my brain to concentrate and my hands to do their job and cut and sew and stuff.

2 new books at my "better-spend-your-evening-with-books-than-watching-TV-table" that I´d like to share with you.

My travelin eye by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, an artist and illustrator whose work I love so very much!

"Jenny Sue’s eyes are not the same as other people’s eyes. Her right eye looks in one direction, while her left eye sometimes wanders. Jenny Sue has a travelin’, lazy eye. Although it makes her different, it also helps her see the world in a special way. Here is a charming story about one very inspiring little girl who overcomes her disability and offers inspiration to others."

Little house on a small planet by Shay Salomon. For those of you who are interested in the small building/living there is also a interview with the author at youtube.

Have a great week!