Saturday, August 09, 2008

weekend pleasures

a girl´s night with books and red wine and cookies

a visit of an artist community around the corner named "Rosa Aussicht". More pics here

and some time in the garden

this is a guardian for the old apple tree. Sadly one hughe branche broke in the storm due to the weight of the apples...

enjoy your weekend!


Knitsonya said...

Oh I love that caravan. Speaking of visualization - I see myself in one, in a lovely garden. Bliss.

elisa said...

O yes a gypsy caravan would be so great in your garden. More bliss to you.
Do you have the 'more softies' book already? I love it, and admire the people at Penguin, all went so smooth. Thanks for your tip again!
Love Elisa. (Busy de-cluttering my studio.)

püppilottchen said...

schöne fotos & inspirationen kann ich hier wieder finden...

gglg, nicola