Thursday, July 31, 2008

yo recuerdo Montenmedio - I remember Montenmedio

afternoon update:
several metal samples connected with nylon thread and hung into the tree

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Yesterday morning I found myself becoming aware of that I had entered the second week on self-imposed resting. Gosh was it true?
The last days rushed by, unnoticed and loaded with everyday-life-tasks. I still find myself fidgety and it´s hard for me to focus on one thought/project/task at one time.
How long does it take to calm down and center, or should I better ask WHAT it takes?
I returned to mind what these resting days were ment for... I printed out my personal manifest for the next weeks. I had written “I am taking time to….” followed by a list of not very specific topics.
I grabbed the list, a pen and without intention the catalog of the NMAC foundation (Montenmedio Arte Contemporáneo) and sat down in the garden. I read my list over and over again, unable to concentrate. So I started leafing through the catalog.
There´s nothing special in this thin, blue catalog. The printed sheets are showing the artists works that are situated on the ground of the foundation. But there it was... again! Something magic seems to be within this little book and it often worked before.
While turning the pages, I smelled the pinewood, heared the chirring of the crickets and felt the Andalusian sun on my skin – memories of a place I loved. But memories seems the wrong word to describe what happened then. My mind and soul connected with this special piece on earth and the creative energy and spirit of all these artists, that had left their signs and "landmarks" in the nature. The book seemed to open “the creative channel in my head”. It brought me back to my personal situation, touched some aspects and topics I try to find clarity within and showed me a way how to find my answers. Pure inspiration in many ways.
I had to take my sketchbook and capture the float of ideas popping up. Some of them I´m going to share with you very soon, so stay tuned.

Since my visit to NMAC in 2003, no other place left such a long lasting and inspirational mark on me. Maybe it´s only a memory, but full of magic, which I´m carrying in my heart.

barracks, used as exhibition space for artists

I´d love to hear from you if have a personal magic place you can "travel to" when seeking for answers or inspiration?


elisa said...

Hello holiday girl, I love your pool!

I have this special place in my heart, a wooden house with a fire place. Near a forest and a lake. With a herb and vegtable garden and a green field full with herbs and flowers. I can visit any time I like and always find just the thing I need. Love, xxx Elisa

Die Schaubude said...

Hallo ! Traumschönebilder und die Idee mit der Metallkette ist wunderschön, ich denke das werde ich mal nachbauen ....danke dir! Liebste Grüße Tanja

Apifera Farm said...

For me, at this time, it is in the barn, especially on a wondy day. I can hear animals munching food, the tin roof in wind, or rain.