Monday, July 21, 2008


thanks to everybody who left a comment on the previous post. Bogi and I appreciate your supporting words very much!


Friederike! and I are taking a break, a working sabbatical. While I am {Sandra} typing these letters
B . R . E . A . K

I feel a bit guilty, admitting I´m needing a rest. I could have told you and make you believe that I´m on vacation for the next weeks, but I want to be honest. Not posting in my own mother language doesn´t allow me to write in depth anyway and sometimes I have the feeling that my posts are sketchy, due to the lack of English vocabulary, expressions, grammar....

I honestly love what I´m doing, but running this creative business has become an all time and also energy consuming thing.

In the last months there was always a good reason why a break seemed impossible and mistimed. Still I have to stop my mind telling me and specifying why it is not a good idea at all. But this noisy mind is also tired and knows that there will never be "that perfect timing" and that the time to do this is NOW.


I am taking time to reflect upon 3 years of herzensart
I am taking time to checking in with my heart and listening to my inner voice
I am taking time to think about what I need to hold onto and what I need to let go
I am taking time to explore new streets, new sounds and tastes
I am taking time to feed my inner child
I am taking time to find my voice
I am taking time to regain clarity and trying to develop my vision of my future life
I am taking time to surround myself with beautiful and happy things

I have to write these thoughts down to make them clear and true to me. It feels like making a contract with myself, my personal manifest for the next weeks.

Although there is still a bit of a guilty feeling showing up, I´m also totally looking forward to all of this. Giving myself the permission to rest feels right intuitively.

This also means, that I won´t accept new orders during the next weeks. But I will share my thoughts, ideas and emotions with you here in this blog, while being on my "sabbatical journey", whenever I feel the need to do so. So long, wishing all of us well balanced times... yours Sandra


isabel f. said...

hi Sandra!!
I wish from my heart, you find your way. LOVE Isabel

Beate Knappe said...

Von Zeit zu Zeit ist dies notwendig:: to feed you inner child .
ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg, und viele neue Ideen - Gedanken und Eindrücke - alles Liebe

Sheree said...

Enjoy your break, Sandra! We'll miss seeing your gorgeous artwork, but understand these breaks are necessary for sure! I love the new viking series, by the way...those greys are sooo lovely!

Happy Summer to you and your family and that cute blue sheep. :)


Margie Oomen said...

I recommend green therapy, spending time walking in the woods and natural green spaces using the observational skills of a child to experience the environment. It relaxes , heals and inspires. Take good care of yourself sandra, you are a very special person.

Ballee said...

Take your time! It's always a good decision to choose for yourself. You'll be a stronger person after this break!

So take all the time in the world,
groeten uit Rotterdam

Bettina said...

Sandra ,take the time you need and enjoy the life.It is unique,is now and here.Please come back with the heart full love,ideas,energy and peace.Love Bettina

shepherdgirl said...

Pino says, "Blue! I want you to rest. I know, the Pie PArty wore me out, the summer wears me out - you must rest." Sandra, just catching up on your blog. I love everything I see. I slept in the guest bedroom last week for fun, and your doll was at my side - a girl nite! I love the b/w horses! I wish you rejeuvenation...xo from Katherine

püppilottchen said...

...denn man tau!!

hört sich gut, wichtig und richtig an!

alles liebe & klarheit, nicola

Knitsonya said...

Sandra I think that your words (however stilted you might find them) resonate so powerfully. I think you are an example and an inspiration in so many ways. Personal reflection and time and permission is so important. Something I need to give myself more of. Take care and enjoy.

rike said...

kann ich: sehr gut verstehen.

bleib bei dir. und suche dich.

alles liebe wünscht dir rike.