Thursday, June 12, 2008

little treasures tree

I made a "treasures tree" which stands now in my studio. I´ve pinned little gifts, cards and purchases onto it. The tree reminds me every day of all that great, creative, amazing people out there I met, many through flickr and this blog. THANK YOU!
from left to right:
1. brooche from Sara Lechner
2. moo card from my friend and artist Bogi Bell
3. postcard left Margaret Oomen, postcard right Beate Knappe, fabric swatches from Harmonyart , horse gift from an old friend ,
4. little card for Friederike! from Katherine Dunn
5. bird sculpture by Elisa Lataster, green cat from Wishes and Heroes, and again the postcard from Margaret Oomen
6. moo cards from Marci Senders
7. little guardian angel from my dear friend and artist Cornelia Rose, postcard from Kirsty Campion
8. lamb puzzle a gift for Friederike! from Green Wellies
9. fabric ribbon from Shula and Mym
10. birdie from Trish Millener (Sweetnellie) , little heart from erykah
11. horse by Carla Sonheim
12. hang tag by Graça Paz

parts of the pics have been cut off due to the mosaic making, but you can see the whole series and single pics here
Discovery of the day: Tara Whitney photography


rehkönigin said...

wunderschöne idee! und sowieso: alles ganz dolle wunderschön hier!
liebe grüße, ulli

elisa said...

You are a inspiration for us all.
It's a love giving tree :-)

das Musenkind said...

Was für eine wundervolle Idee! Du hast mein Herz berührt und zum Ausdruck gebracht wie sehr wir uns alle gegenseitig inspirieren und das Künstlerkind in uns lebendig werden lassen!

Ich drück Dich,

Knitsonya said...

I love the ides of a tree with laden branches - so beautiful and truly inspiring!

Die Schaubude said...

Hallo !
Die Idee mit dem Baum ist ein richtiger Hingucker! Ich schaue oft hier vorbei und bin immer begeistert !!! Liebe Grüße Tanja

ninainvorm said...

That treasure tree is so pretty! I keep looking at the photos on flickr...

morgane said...

this is a fantastic tree !