Wednesday, June 11, 2008


an urgent need for color forced me to give the corridor wall a new paint.
Out of the same urgent need for color I tried to convince my hairdresser today to change my hair color to red. He won.

Also not so colorful but pretty oldsouldolls


Knitsonya said...

That is one stunning shade of blue. I am a big fan of the decorating by knee-jerk. Forget the planning. Spontaneity all the way!

das Musenkind said...

Guten morgen "Herzensart",

da bekomme ich gleich gute Laune! Was für eine frische Farbzusammenstellung. Life is beautiful!

In diesem Sinn wünsche ich einen fröhlichen Tag!


shula said...

Fabulous blue.

I've never understood why blondes would ever want to be anything else.